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Custom Log Homes

About Beaver Log Homes
Building Custom Log Homes for over 28 Years

Licensed and Insured

"You Dream it, We Build it"

With a love of log homes and passion for building, Beaver Log Homes has been serving the local community since 1995 with all of their home improvement needs. Specializing in building and restoring custom log homes, as well as conventional homes, stone work, garages and more. We pride ourselves on using only quality materials and professional craftsmanship. 

Contact our licensed builder, James Koehler to get started planning and pricing your dream home today. An experience like no other. James makes sure the customer comes first and is included in every step of the building and designing process. 


With over 20 years of professional experience, you can be confident your home is in good hands.


Beaver Building System

Logs are available in cedar or pine and pre-cut to a plan. Choose round or D log.

Sizes 7, 8, 10, 12 & 14 inch diameters.

All of our logs are kiln dried to ensure a stable long lasting home. We use the strongest corners in the log home industry. Saddle notching the logs corners creates interlocking walls and durability. This process reduces periodic maintenance.

Our Unique Thru Bolt Process - This process ensures alignment as the logs are layered by using spring loaded thru bolts and drilling holes for installation. On the lower end of the bolt a heavy compression spring is installed which provides tension to eliminate the need of frequent tightening.

Each log is cut from the strongest part of the tree and double tongue and groove is milled into the top and bottom. This adds structural strength and seal to the wall. As logs are laid, to prevent air infiltration we use a process which includes saddle gaskets, end notch blocks for locations where two logs butt together, and a butyl rubber strip is placed in between the logs.

Stone Work

Choosing the right stone for a home is more important than most know. Our stone not only comes in a great selection of styles and colors but also has one of the lowest water absorption percentages. The standard rate is 22%. Our stone has a 12% absortion. This means that our stone has a reduced freeze damage and surface erosion. 

We also have a 4,000 psi compressive strength. This means our stone can withstand more directed pushing forces and doesn't get damaged as easily. 

The standard for most other stones is currently only 1,800 psi.

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